Historical Highlights for the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
July 3, 1834 First petition by French Prairie settlers to Canada for priests
November 24, 1838 Fr. Francis N. Blanchet and Fr. Modeste Demers, missionaries Oregon country arrived at Fr. Vancouver
January 6, 1839 First Mass in Oregon, St. Paul, St. Paul
Dec. 1, 1843 Vicariate Apostolic of Oregon Territory established
July 31, 1844 Fr. Peter DeSmet, SJ, Jesuit priests and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur arrived in Astoria from Belgium
February 8, 1946 St. John Church, Oregon City, blessed and opened
May 24, 1846 St. Paul Church, St. Paul, cornerstone laid
July 24, 1846 Archdiocese of Oregon City established by Pope Pius IX.  Francis N. Blanchet appointed first Archbishop
December 24, 1851 First Christmas Midnight Mass in Portland by Fr. James Croke
November 1, 1858 St. Joseph Church, Jacksonville, dedicated 
October 21, 1859 Twelve Sisters of the Holy Names of arrived in Portland to found school
June 9, 1860 St. Michael Parish, Grand Ronde founded by
Archbishop Blanchet
January 17, 1861 St. Mary Church, Corvallis, dedicated
August 17, 1863 Fr. Leopold Dieleman began plans for Salem Church and recruited Holy Names Sisters to establish school
May 10, 1867 Roseburg Mission began, Fr. Thibau appointed by Archbishop Francis N. Blanchet
October 10, 1869 St. Vincent de Paul Society organized in Portland by
Fr. Fierens
February 5, 1870 The Catholic Sentinel published its first issue
October 11, 1874 St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, Astoria, dedicated
July 19, 1875 St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, dedicated
Mother Joseph and Sisters of Providence
December 20, 1880 Archbishop Charles John Seghers became second Archbishop of Oregon City
October 30, 1882 Benedictine Priests and Sisters arrived in Oregon
August 12, 1883 St. Mary Church, Bandon, dedicated by Archbishop Seghers
February 1, 1885 Archbishop William Gross, CSsR, appointed third Archbishop of Oregon City
May 30, 1886 First Mass at St. Mary Church, Eugene
March 25, 1887 Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Beaverton, founded
May 8, 1888 St. Monica, Coos Bay (formerly Marshfield), founded by Fr. Peter Beutgen
June 16, 1889 St. Mary's Home for Boys, Beaverton, cornerstone laid
July 29, 1893 St. Mary's Academy & College, Portland, received State Charter.  First liberal arts college for women in Pacific N.W.
January 28, 1894 Holy Rosary Church, Portland, dedicated as Dominican Mission 
October 11, 1896 St. Anne Church, Grants Pass, blessed.  Mass offered for the first time
February 12, 1899 Archbishop Alexander Christie appointed fourth Archbishop of Oregon City
September 2,1901  University of Portland blessed and dedicated by Archbishop Christie as "Columbia University"
November 9, 1922 Catholic Truth Society of Oregon established by Archbishop Christie
June 1, 1925 U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Oregon School Bill
February 19, 1926 Archbishop Edward D. Howard appointed the fifth Archbishop of Oregon City
September 26, 1928 Papal Decree changed the name of the Archdiocese of Oregon City to Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
September 12, 1933 Catholic Charities established
May 9, 1939 Dedication of Central Catholic High School
March 1, 1955 Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lafayette, founded
December 9, 1966 Archbishop Robert J. Dwyer appointed sixth Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
August 13, 1971 Vicariate for Spanish-speaking established by Archbishop Dwyer
January 22, 1974 Archbishop Cornelius M. Power appointed seventh Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
March 24, 1976 Archbishop Robert J. Dwyer died
December 6, 1977 Fr. Kenneth D. Steiner and Fr. Paul E. Waldschmidt, CSC, appointed Auxiliary Bishops of Portland in Oregon
January 29, 1981 Southeast Asian Vicariate established by Archbishop Power
January 2, 1983 Archbishop Edward D. Howard died
July 1, 1986 Archbishop William J. Levada appointed eighth Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
October 20, 1994 Auxiliary Bishop Paul E. Waldschmidt died
August 17, 1995 Archbishop William J. Levada appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of San Francisco
April 30, 1996 Archbishop Francis E. George, OMI, appointed ninth Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
July 24, 1996 150th Anniversary of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
April 8, 1997 Archbishop Francis E. George, OMI, appointed Archbishop of Chicago
May 22, 1997 Archbishop Cornelius M. Power died
October 28, 1997 Archbishop John G. Vlazny appointed tenth Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
December 24, 1999 Archbishop Vlazny opened Holy Year Door at St. Mary's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to begin the Jubilee Holy Year 2000
June 25, 2000 Eucharist 2000, Feast of Corpus Christi, Archdiocesan celebration of the Jubilee Year 2000
July 6, 2004 Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon became the first diocese in the U.S. to declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
April 30, 2007 Plan of reorganization in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy confirmed: Plan
September 28, 2007 Final decree in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Final Decree
November 25, 2011 Bishop Kenneth D. Steiner retired
December 20, 2011 Archbishop Vlazny and Cardinal Levada celebrated 50 years of ordination to the priesthood.
March 8, 2012 Pope Benedict XVI named St. Mary's in Eugene Pastor, Rev. Liam Cary, Bishop of Diocese of Baker
June 9, 2012 Archbishop Vlazny ordained largest group of diocesan priests in history of the Archdiocese - 10 priests
January 29, 2013 Archbishop Alexander K. Sample appointed eleventh Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
March 4, 2014 Bishop Peter L. Smith appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Portland in Oregon



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