Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
 Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Article 1. Name and Purpose

1.1 The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) shall examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and offer practical conclusions on these matters, so that the life and activity of the People of God may be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel [Apostolic Letter, written motu proprio, On the Implementation of the Decrees Christus Dominus, Presbyterorum Ordinis and Perfectae Caritatis, Ecclesiae Sanctae Ia, #16.1, August 6, 1966].

Article 2. Membership

2.1 Elected Members, chosen according to details of an election procedure to be determined by each group as follows, shall be:

 - Presbyteral Council: 2 priests
 - Permanent Deacons: 1 permanent deacon
 - Religious Superiors of Women: 2 women religious
- Pastoral Council Regions (see 2.4 below): 1 representative   each.

     2.1.1 Elections for Regional Representatives occur at each Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly (APA).

     2.1.2 Elections are held to complete terms of office when vacancies occur; for Regional Representatives the election shall be
     coordinated by the region's Area Vicar(s).

2.2 Ex Officio Members: the Archbishop, Auxiliary Bishop(s), and Vicar General.

2.3 Term of Office for Elected Members: three years. The term begins with one Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly and ends with the next. Appointed members serve without term at the discretion of the Archbishop.

2.4 Archdiocesan Pastoral Regions (APR): Each region, for purposes of APC elections, shall be a geographic area as determined by the Archbishop. There shall be approximately 12 regions.

Article 3. Officers and Committees:

3.1 An Executive Secretary shall staff the APC.

3.2 The Officers of the APC shall be:
 - President (ex officio the Archbishop)
 - Chair (an elected member)
 - Vice-Chair (an elected member)

 and may serve as many as two consecutive 1-year terms in a given office. The Executive Secretary shall provide a Recording Secretary for the Council.

3.3 Executive Committee: the APC Officers and Executive Secretary.

 3.3.1 The Executive Committee shall set the APC agenda. Input to the agenda may also come from the APC, area vicariate or archdiocesan pastoral assemblies, parishes, area vicariates, offices, or other advisory bodies.

 3.3.2 The Archbishop shall rule whether any matter falls under "pastoral planning" for referral to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, or under "governance" for referral to the Presbyteral Council.

3.4 Other Committees: The APC works through standing or ad hoc groups, as needed. Each shall have a written mandate and timeline for activity, and, normally, an APC member as chair. The Executive Committee may appoint non-APC committee chairs or members. As it considers its work load and accountability, the APC shall decide which committees and, as appropriate, which task forces it needs. It is envisioned that the APC will often prefer to work through task forces with specific timelines and accountabilities.

Article 4. Meetings:

4.1 Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) Meetings:

 4.1.1 Regular APC Meetings: Ordinarily 3 meetings per year. All material for mailing must reach the Executive Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to a regular meeting.

 4.1.2 Special APC meetings may be called by the President on his own initiative or in response to a written request from at least 1/4 of the APC membership. Advance notice must be mailed at least 2 weeks prior to special meetings.

 4.1.3 Quorum: half plus one of the entire APC membership.

4.2 Archdiocesan Pastoral Assemblies (APA) shall be held every three years. Each parish shall have three delegates: the Pastor, and two delegates selected by the Parish Pastoral Council. The APC shall determine the agenda, administer the assembly, report to it, and take recommendations from it for further study. Elections for regional representatives to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council shall take place at each Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly.

4.3 Area Vicariate Pastoral Assemblies (AVPA): When Area Vicariate Pastoral Assemblies are called for by the archdiocesan planning process, each region's representative shall attend each AVPA for that region.

Article 5. Procedure:
5.1 The APC and its Committees shall use Robert's Rules of Order or an adopted written method for Consensus, as the Chair rules in any instance, to attain efficiency and clarity in deliberation.

5.2 The Archbishop shall approve all bylaws and amendments to this document.

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