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Openings for 2016-2017 School Year

The Department of Catholic Schools is soliciting applications for the following principal openings. Additional openings are anticipated and will be posted on this page.

Our Lady of the Lake School, Lake Oswego

St. James Catholic School, McMinnville

Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Portland

St. Luke Catholic School, Woodburn

Regis High School, Stayton



  1. A practicing Roman Catholic in good standing with the Church.
  2. A commitment to the development of a Christian spirit and a Catholic community of faith within a school.
  3. A master’s degree, preferably in educational administration.
  4. A minimum of five years of teaching experience in Catholic schools preferred. Such experience should be sufficiently broad to provide an understanding of the Pre-K–8 or 9–12 structure and the potential to function as an educational leader in an elementary or secondary school.
  5. Hold an Oregon Administrator License or its equivalent from another state. [Candidates who do not hold an Oregon Administrator License or who cannot convert an out-of-state certificate to an Oregon Administrator License will be required to complete the requirements for certification and obtain an Oregon Administrator License within the first two years of employment.]
  6. Successful completion of the Department of Catholic Schools leadership program or a similar leadership program in another Roman Catholic diocese. In the event that a person is hired who has not completed such a program, he or she must begin and complete the program during the first year[s] as principal.
  7. Have leadership ability as evidenced by performance in educational assignments, i.e., have the capacity, enthusiasm, intelligence, and patience to inspire teachers, children, parents, clergy, and local school community leaders.
  8. Have completed the Archdiocesan application process.

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How to apply:

Download application packet, which includes:

  1. Application Form
  2. Supplemental Application Form
  3. Licensing History Information Form

Reference materials are attached to the application packet

  1. Qualifications and Application Process
  2. Principal Job Description
  3. Roles and Characteristics of a Principal

The application packet is a fillable PDF. Be sure to save the file to your computer before you start working on it to avoid loss of information.


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Applicant downloads the following forms and information:

  • Archdiocesan Application Form;
  • Supplemental Application Form;
  • Request for Licensing History Information Form;
  • Job Description for School Principal;
  • Roles and Characteristics of a Principal.

Applicant returns the following materials [the items may be sent in separately]:

  • Completed Application and Supplemental Application;
  • Philosophy of Education and reason for interest in position (as requested on Supplemental application form);
  • Completed Licensing History Form;
  • Copies of transcripts showing Master’s degree [once hired, official copies must be submitted];
  • Copy of current teaching/administrator’s license;
  • Current Resume.

Submit letters of recommendation from the following people:

  • Pastor or Religious Superior [verification of status as a practicing Catholic];
  • Immediate past employer; 
  • Two other professional references.


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All application materials should be emailed to


When all materials have been received, the Department of Catholic Schools forwards a copy of the candidate’s file containing the application and recommendations to the local principal search committee(s).


For questions, please contact Dina Boyle at 503.233.8348.


Page updated on 1/20/2016


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